No win, No fee

You've got nothing to lose with no win, no fee services

Queensland no win no fee lawyers at Robert Anderson Lawyers provide professional legal advice and representation services for motor vehicle injury and work related injury compensation claims, as well as TPD claims, disputed wills and estates and public liability personal injury claims.

The Robert Anderson Lawyers NO WIN NO FEE services apply for any of our approved legal services and personal injury compensation claims. You will work with an expert personal injury lawyer, who is with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to final settlement. If you do not get a Compensation Payout, Robert Anderson Lawyers do not get paid. 

Each case is different, as are the fees and charges. Generally speaking, legal costs are around 20-30% of your claim and you will never be charged more than 50% of the compensation payment after statutory refunds and payment of outlays. That means Robert Anderson Lawyers never receives more in fees, than you get in your back pocket. Our charges are calculated per hour, on the time taken to work on your case.

You will be required to reimburse Robert Anderson Lawyers for outlays incurred on your behalf during the course of the case. This includes, but is not limited to, doctors legal report fees, other medical record fees, court fees, Barristers and more. These are initially paid by Robert Anderson Lawyers and then reimbursed from the Compensation Payment and are in addition to Fees.

It depends on your age, the type of injury sustained and the long-term impact that it has on your life, person and ability to earn an income. Every case and circumstance is different. To find out more, contact Robert Anderson at Robert Anderson Lawyers for a free assessment of your compensation claim.